Design Awards

The interchangeability of technological achievements so omnipresent in our modern world and growing international competition demand that companies enhance the communication of their unique strengths and that they do so in a comprehensive, expansive way particularly in relation to their customers; whereby such messages must be understandable on an emotional level.

Design awards play a deceive role here; by participating in design competitions companies and designers are able to highlight their expertise. These respective accolades provide them with a valuable marketing too, which allows them to position their products on the market much more effectively.

Our design awards:

German Design Award

Our premium prize





Iconic Awards: Interior Innovation

The new award of the furnishing sector.


Interior Innovation Award

Design award of the furnishing sector


Pure Talents Contest ([D3] CONTEST)

Competition for young designers



Hessischer Staatspreis Universelles Design

Der Hessische Staatspreis Universelles Design wurde 2013 aus zum ersten Mal vom Hessischen Ministerium der Finanzen und dem Hessischen Sozialministerium ausgelobt und vom Rat für Formgebung durchgeführt.


Festo Challenge - Principle to Product

Idea competition for Design and Engineering students