Excellent Product Design - The prize, which makes success visible

This prize is worthy of being won by the best. It is an international premium award, which successfully enhances the reputation of designers as well as companies, and substantially contributes to the overall success of a product, especially on the German market. Prizes will be awarded to high-quality products, their manufacturers and designers for pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. Furthermore, voting is not merely limited to the highly esteemed jury of
experts. The Public’s Choice Award provides design enthusiasts with the opportunity to participate.
The goal of the German DesignAward is to discover, present and award prizes
for exceptional design trends. This is a competition that advances the design-oriented
industry—especially the winners.


The jury for Excellent Product Design


Ten categories in product design

Evaluation criteria

The products and achievements should stand out due to particularly outstanding features.

The following companies - and many more - are part of the German Design Award 2015 - Excellent Product Design:





The German Design Award is the premium prize from the German Design Council and is not identical to the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany tendered by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.