The Major German Brands

The history of the German Design Council is the history of its member companies. As an organisation of design-oriented business, the German Design Council connects the major German corporate brands from a wide range of sectors of the economy.


The anniversary volume An ongoing success story. The Major German Brands., published in 2013, focused on the design milestones from 60 years of design culture. With a preface by the President of the German Parliament, Prof. Lammert, the brand book presented numerous member companies who described their brands, thus “…impressively demonstrate the compact united variety of brands.”


The consistently positive feedback from the press and the parliamentary committees has prompted us to launch a series of books.


The 2014 edition, Innovative. Visionary. The Major German Brands. and 2015, Unique. Valuable. The Major German Brands. have been as successful as the anniversary edition of 2013 - therefore we have published the edition Distinctive. Ingenious. The Major German Brands. in September 2016.


The Major German Brands at the German Design Council: