German Design Award 2014

The German Design Award is an international premium prize, which successfully enhances the standing of both designers and companies. Prizes will go to topquality products and projects from product and communication design, design personalities and newcomers, all of whom are —in their own way— pioneering in German and international design landscape. And not only a jury of experts will vote. For the Public’s Choice prize all design enthusiasts can cast a vote. The aim of the German Design Award is to identify, present and honour unique design trends. A competition that advances the design scene.
As an industry competition for the industry that highlights participants’ great design expertise, the German Design Award has an excellent public image. This is also down to the reputation of its organizer, the German Design Council, which has been representing and supporting the German design industry with its expertise in all questions relating to design for 60 years now. A nomination for the German Design Award on the occasion of the anniversary of the German Design Council is especially significant – it stands for 60 years of design culture.


Award ceremony 2014

Products of the following companies are part 
of the German Design Award 2014:



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Rat für Formgebung/German Design Council

Janine Wunder and Katharina Burghardt 

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The German Design Award is the premium prize from the German Design Council and is not identical to the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany tendered by the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.