Excellent Communications Design - Categories:


Architecture of buildings of all kinds (e.g. residential houses, public buildings, industrial and corporate buildings, sacred buildings, museums, hotels), transportation facilities, façades, bridges, temporary architecture, other

Interior Architecture

Interior design, hotels, spa and wellness, restaurants, bars, cafés, lounges, libraries, medical practices, offices, other

Retail Architecture

Brand spaces, shops, concept stores, flagship stores, showrooms, department stores, malls, other

Fair and Exhibition

Exhibitions, temporary architecture, trade-fair architecture, trade-fair stands, trade-fair appearances, scenography, installations, other


Events, award ceremonies, congresses, press events, seminars, incentives, road shows, product launches, concerts, other

Urban Space and Infrastructure

Urban planning and design, landscape architecture, urban parks, public spaces, playgrounds, infrastructure buildings, transportation facilities, bridges, other


Music videos, image and advertising videos, commercials and trailers, promotional films, virals, television design, sound design, animation, other

Interactive User Experience

Applications, interactive media, interface design, software applications, augmented reality, game design, connectivity, social media, online shops, navigation systems, other

Digital Media and Online

Websites, microsites, blogs, online publications, (e.g. digital books, magazines, newsletters) internet advertising (e.g. advertisements, banners, internet television, screensavers), other


Games, services (e.g. navigation), network, community, information, other

Integrated Campaigns and Advertising

Campaigns (print, digital), cross media, online banners, outdoor media, advertising (print, digital), mailings and dialogue media (print, digital), concepts, other


Product outer packaging, product packaging, food and beverage packaging, tags and bottle labels, cans, bags, CD/DVD/disc covers, other

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity, corporate design, corporate film, corporate event, corporate publishing, corporate manuals, corporate books, corporate fashion, corporate architecture, brand slogans and symbols, logos and signets, key visuals, other

Brand Identity

Brand identity, brand design, brand film, brand event, brand publishing, brand manuals, brand fashion, brand architecture, brand signet, other

Books and Calendars

Books (e.g. literature, nonfiction, photo-books, children’s books), digital books, corporate books, art books, calendars (e.g. wall calendars, pocket calendars), digital calendars, other


Newspapers, journals and magazines, financial statements, annual reports, catalogues and product catalogues, brochures, manuals, other

Official Documents

Stamps, private and official documents (e.g. identification cards, preferred customer club cards, memberships), bank notes, debit and credit cards, other

Posters, Cards and Photography

Posters and placards of all kinds, postcards, artistic photography, advertising and fashion photography, journalism, event photography, industrial photography, architectural photography, other


Fonts, font families, other

Signage and Wayfinding

Pictograms, icon systems, guidance systems for indoor and outdoor: cities, public institutions, office buildings and business premises, shopping centres, residential houses, other

Excellent Product Design - Categories:

Bath and Wellness

Bathroom and sanitary ware, bathroom fittings, sanitary technology, bathroom furniture and fixtures, bathroom accessories, saunas, solariums, whirlpools, hand dryers, body care products (e.g. tooth brushes), other


Kitchens, kitchen furniture, sinks, kitchen fittings, large electrical appliances (e.g. stoves, ovens, grills, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers), small electrical appliances (e.g. mixers, toasters), kitchen accessories, cookware and cooking equipment, ovenware, waste systems, other


Dishes, cutlery, tabletop accessories and decorations, other


Household appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaners), large electric appliances (e.g. stoves, ovens, grills, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers), household items, air and water filtering units, humidifiers, waste systems, other


Home, bedroom and seating furniture (e.g. stools, chairs, sofas, tables, beds, closets, wardrobes), children’s furniture, special furniture, other

Home Textiles and Home Accessories

Home textiles (e.g. curtains, bedding, table and kitchen linen, bathroom textiles), upholstery fabrics and leathers, decorative fabrics, wallpaper and wall decorations, home decorations, home accessories, other

Gardening and Outdoor Living

Garden furniture, gardening tools and products as well as equipment, garden accessories, sunscreens, furnishings for conservatories, grills and barbecues, other

Sports, Outdoor Activities and Leisure

Sports equipment and products, sportswear, tents, backpacks, binoculars, flashlights and forehead flashlights, night vision devices, outdoor clothing, outdoor and trekking equipment, games, hobby and craft supplies, recreation equipment and products, fitness equipment and products, musical instruments, products for animals, other

Baby and Child Care

Products for babies and children, baby and children’s body care products, baby and children’s toys, play equipment, baby carriages, schoolbags and accessories, other

Lifestyle and Fashion

Fashion, bags, suitcases, travel gear, head coverings, glasses and sunglasses, other

Luxury Goods

Luxury accessories, jewellery, watches, other

Computer and Communication 

Computers, notebooks, tablets, PDAs, routers, network and conference technology, storage media, NAS, server systems, printers, copiers, scanners, smartphones, telephones and telephone systems, other communications equipment, charging stations, recording and playback equipment (e.g. CDs, DVDs, videos), peripheral devices and paraphernalia for computers and communications equipment (e.g. headphones, microphones, loudspeakers), cameras and equipment, other


Consumer electronics and HiFi, microphones, headphones, loudspeakers, audio equipment, amplifiers, televisions, recording and playback equipment (e.g. CDs, DVDs, videos), beamers, sound systems, event technology, stagecraft, sound engineering, lasers and effects, multi-room systems, docking stations, video game consoles, e-readers, cameras and equipment, other

Building and Elements

Building equipment, windows, doors, stairs, banisters and handrails, house and building automation, house and door labelling, security and access systems, surveillance cameras and systems, smoke detection systems, walls/floors/ceilings, acoustic solutions, door and window fittings, switches and switch systems, mailboxes, garages, gates, escalators, lifts, controls for products in this category, other


Interface design and controls as an integral part of a product (e.g. UX designs, MMIs, software interface)

Material and Surfaces

Materials and raw materials, material innovations, surfaces, innovative textiles (technical and ornamental), other


Energy technology, heating systems, radiators, ovens of all kinds, air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, solar energy installations, furnaces and boilers, other


Machines and facilities, components, control technology, materials-handling technology, robotics, safety technology, timing systems, logistics systems, machines (e.g. cash machines, vending machines), semi-finished products, work and protective clothing, industrial packaging, other

Workshop and Tools

Tools, workshop equipment, measurement and testing technology, special products, other

Medical, Rehabilitation and Health Care

Medical equipment, medical technology, medical and orthopaedic assistive devices (e.g. prostheses, ortheses, hearing aids), optics and optical equipment, laboratory technology, practice and hospital furnishings, laboratory furniture, assisted technology and assisted living, other


Residential lighting, workplace lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, lighting systems, lamps, special lighting, street lighting, lighting technology (systems and components), other

Office Furniture

Office furniture and office furniture systems, conference furniture, partitions, acoustic elements, furniture and space solutions for special rooms (e.g. reception area, storage space), other


Writing and plotting instruments, office accessories, office equipment (e.g. hole punchers, calculators, paper shredders), filing and classification systems, presentation systems, papers, hobby and craft supplies, other


Sales systems, product display systems, cash register systems, terminals, displays, return systems, other


Passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motor homes, caravans, trailers, agricultural vehicles, local public transportation, aeroplanes, aircraft, helicopters, water and hybrid vehicles (e.g. ships, boats), railed vehicles, motorcycles and rollers, bicycles and accessories, vehicles for local public transportation, special vehicles, automotive equipment (e.g. luggage racks), vehicle components, vehicle interiors and furnishings, navigation systems, concept cars, other

Public Design

Urban and street furniture, kiosks, advertising columns, displays and advertising media, shelters, stops and stations, park furniture, waste systems, lighting systems, other

Universal Design

All products that are explicitly developed and designed under the aspect of "universal design"

Service Design

Interface to the customer (designing of innovative and customer-oriented strategies and development of efficient and functional processes)


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