Representatives of the German Design Council

The German Design Council is partnering with a growing number of representatives in different countries to provide a targeted boost to local exchange and networking. The new business contacts made from this result in the encouragement of new solutions, which is a boon for both members and the overall design-oriented economy.


Dorian Kronenwerth
Tel. +32 495 911 910

Crown Consultance
SC Rue de l’Amazone 2
B-1050 Brussels

Crown Consultance acts as a bridge for business between the BeNeLux and Germany, as well as for interactions with the European Union's institutions. The aim is to contribute to the global success and positioning of companies from the BeNeLux countries by delivering strong means of communication, representation and business development. Dorian Kronenwerth calls both BeNeLux and EU-Brussels home and relies on his knowledge of the three countries, their cultures and languages as well as an extensive network and his skills in economic diplomacy to enable the region's companies and to make their voices heard in Brussels and on the global marketplace.

Denmark and Iceland

Rikke Lacoppidan[at]

Tel. +45 22 63 8600
My Business Vingårds alle 59
2900 Hellerup

Great design deserves great attention. Rikke Lacoppidan from My Business made it her mission to help Danish and Icelandic businesses expand and grow successfully on the German and international markets. Her company is young, but builds on 25 years of international sales and marketing experience and a strong network within the Danish export industry and business media.


Michael Scherpe[at]
Tel. +33 (0) 144 89 67 70

72, rue Louis Blanc
75010 Paris

SEME SA was founded in 1953 under an agency agreement with Messe Frankfurt for France and Monaco. In 1981 Mr. Michael Scherpe took over the company and has been its President / CEO and main shareholder ever since. SEME and its subsidiaries are active in the areas of communication, marketing, film production, press and culture.

Mr. Scherpe and his team has extensive knowledge in market strategies, brand development and multimedia strategies. His excellent network capabilities makes him a popular partner for many institutions as well as industries such as textiles, consumer goods, sanitary, heating, ventilation, music, lighting, automobiles, security and food processing.

Michael Scherpe is the recipient of the French Republic's Grand Order of Merit.

Great Britain

Rob Sherwood[at]
Tel: +44 (0) 771 3399630

Managing Director
Sherwood Event Services Ltd

Sherwood Event Services Ltd has been helping UK companies with their export strategy for over 12 years.  Rob Sherwood is well connected with the UK design community, from textiles to automotive, having represented some of the world’s biggest exhibitions with his work with Messe Frankfurt from 2008 to 2020. Now, Rob and his team will be the UK partner of the German Design Council, showing UK companies how they can take advantage of the opportunities the awards present to promote brands awareness, maximise exposure and create export opportunities.

East, West and South Africa

Skander Negasi (Mr.)[at]
Tel. + 49 (0) 6003 826892

Trade and Fairs Consulting GmbH
Feldpreul 33
61191 Rosbach

Trade and Fairs Consulting (TFC) is a German based consulting and event organizing agency with regional offices in Africa. The company represents various German trade show companies across a wide range of sectors such as construction and building, consumer goods, textiles, mobility, processing etc and is well experienced in creating and promoting brands and designers from Africa. TFC owns several fashion event brands, organizes exhibitions on the African continent as well as supports international organizations, associations and governments through missions, workshops and industry events. For the German Design Council TFC is an exclusive partner for Ethiopia, Kenya, Ruanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa.


Piotr Łukaszewicz
Tel. +48 22 494 32 03

Targi Frankfurt Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce S.C.
ul. Bugaj 5d
05-806 Komorów

Piotr Łukaszewicz and his team are highly experienced in market strategies, brand management and design. Their outstanding networking capability makes them an ideal partner for government institutions, industry associations as well as media representatives. They have already supported over a thousand Polish companies from 20 different industries in their preparations to events in 15 countries. Since October 2007 Targi has also been developing Messe Frankfurt’s business in Poland conducting all sales and promotional activities.


Cristina Motta[at]
Tel. +351 211 359 931

Kamotta Representações Lda
Campo Pequeno, 2 - 6D
100-078 Lisboa

Kamotta Representações Lda was established in 1997 with the main purpose of providing marketing and communication services to Portuguese export-oriented companies. To enhance their presence in international markets, design and brand awareness are undeniable key factors to success. Kamotta relies on an excellent network of industry partners and supports companies in their communication strategy, thus contributing to the valued positioning of the Portuguese industry in international markets.

Photo: Vitorino Coragem