Design Gala Die großen deutschen Marken 2017 Rat für Formgebung The Major German Brands

German design has a strong history of success stories. A number of them are collected in our publication series 'The Major German Brands': featuring a different theme every year, it has been presenting outstanding German brands since 2013 and confirms that 'designed in Germany' is now just as prestigious a mark of quality as 'made in Germany'. Published as a high-quality book and containing editorial essays, the publication is today popular with readers far beyond the confines of the industry. 


'Socially responsible. Future-oriented'

The Major German Brands since 2013 in figures:

  • 5 editions, each in German and English versions
  • 15,000 high-quality copies
  • 400 carefully selected brand presentations
  • 20 enthralling articles and essays written by experts on branding and design
  • 10 introductory commentaries by Germany’s top-ranking political representatives
  • target-groups focused distribution via our two partners - 'Land der Ideen' ('Land of Ideas') and the German Federal Foreign Office


The fifth volume in the series 'The Major German Brands' was presented to a selected group of 200 invited guests at the Design Gala on 26 September 2017 in Berlin.

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'Distinctive. Ingenious.'

'Distinctive. Ingenious.' is the fourth volume in the series 'The Major German Brands.' In addition to presenting outstanding German brand-name companies, the book also includes the views of internationally renowned figures: contributions by Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Sigmar Gabriel and Ulrich Grillo highlight the relevance of design and strategic brand management to the global success of German companies.

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Prof. Monika Grütters Rede Die großen deutschen Marken

Prof Monika Grütters

Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

'Experience shows that good design gives companies distinctive profiles, makes products comprehensible, makes brands desirable. Your work in promoting aesthetically appealing design of the objects that we use on a daily basis, dear Professor Pfeiffer, dear representatives of the Presiding Committee and the Executive Board, has a noticeable influence on the export statistics and enhances one's joy in life as well, as beauty is not merely superficial decoration that's nice to have. Beauty is an essential element in the quality of life: indeed, it is more than that. I firmly believe that beauty can change people, and can change society.'

Whole speech of the Design Gala 2016 (in German)

Sigmar Gabriel Grußwort Die großen deutschen Marken

Sigmar Gabriel

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs

'Creative, innovative and digital – as part of the cultural and creative sector, German design and German brands stand for a modern Germany that has much to offer beyond the traditional industries such as mechanical engineering and cars. Thanks to their outstanding design, German products are sold around the world and are not merely aesthetically pleasing – they also play a crucial role in value added.'


Excerpt from the word of welcome of the current volume 2017

Brigitte Zypries Grußwort Die großen deutschen Marken

Brigitte Zypries

Federal Economic Affairs Minister

'In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena was, among other things, the goddess of strategy. She had various epithets, including “the Unwearying” and “the Foresighted”. The attributes ascribed to the goddess Athena are also indispensable for the political strategy for the promotion of the creative industry. Since 2007, we have been working with the Initiative Kulturund Kreativwirtschaft (Initiative for the Cultural and Creative Industries) of the German government to make the significance of the creative sector and in particular the design industry more visible. We are doing this for reasons of economic policy as well as strategy.'


Excerpt from the word of welcome of the current volume 2017

Frank Walter Steinmeier Grußwort Die großen deutschen Marken

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Federal President

'Germany has a lot to offer with regard to brands and design. Our brands and our design are creative, innovative and contemporary, and thus greatly enhance the positive image of Germany around the world. Design is not merely the creation of an attractive product, but means consciously exploring the function of an object and its interaction with the user and the environment. In Germany this is a long-standing tradition, not least thanks to the work of the Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen) and Bauhaus. Bauhaus in particular established the principle of continuously rethinking design anew and considering the impact of design on individuals and society.'

Word of welcome of the volume 2016

Impressions of the Design Gala 2017

Design Gala Die großen deutschen Marken 2017 Rat für Formgebung

The 'Major German Brands' was presented in the context of the Design Gala to selected guests from the fields of politics, industry and design on 26 September 2017 in the Soho House, Berlin.

Design Gala Die großen deutschen Marken 2017 Rat für Formgebung
Design Gala Die großen deutschen Marken 2017 Rat für Formgebung
Design Gala Die großen deutschen Marken 2017 Rat für Formgebung


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