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The German state of Hesse has a long tradition of design, with a wealth of companies, institutions and personalities who have made – and continue to make – international design history. Design is an economic factor here, the importance of which is reflected in the activities and success of the creative industries in Hesse.
The German Design Council, based in Frankfurt, is once again exploring current issues in the design sector, where design intersects with production and sales, in a series of events to promote design in Hesse.

This year, the event series is being organised and moderated for the first time by the newly established Institute for Design Research and Appliance (IfDRA) at the German Design Council. Drawing on concrete case studies from the fields of medicine, mobility and digitisation, the event series offers insights into the world of design research. Design research should not be regarded as a self-contained discipline, rather, it can also help to illustrate the value added in terms of the commercial success that companies can generate from design research.

Institute Director Stephan Ott guides visitors through the various events.
As a participant, you have the opportunity to take part directly in discussions on relevant topics and current challenges in design and design research, and to engage in dialogue with protagonists on the Hessian design scene.

Although registration is required, participation in the Design Talks is free of charge.
Whilst the event series is currently scheduled to take place in physical form, further digital formats are being developed in parallel on account of the current situation. We will, of course, keep you informed of all further details and any necessary changes here. Registration for the Design Talks will open approximately three weeks before the event in question.

Medical Design From neurosurgical instruments to architecture 23 September 2020

For quite a while now, the focus in the medical sector has gone beyond simply optimising surgical instruments, for example, or designing new testing equipment. Innovation is seemingly no longer conceivable without the user as the central starting point. Furthermore, it is no longer just about healing the sick by means of medication and operations, as aspects such as interior design and the entire user experience during a hospital stay also play a vital role in terms of healthcare design. The aim is not only to restore health, but also to promote the ongoing preservation of health – both mental and physical.

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Mobility Design From the white cane to data-optimised logistics 28 October 2020

Even if it has so far appeared to be the case, the mobility of the future will certainly not be shaped by electric vehicles alone. But the question is: what will it really be like? The aviation and logistics sectors, for instance, will be forced to tackle this issue with even greater urgency and intensity due to Covid-19. Alongside new drive systems, it is also important to think beyond cars, trains and planes and to complement familiar modes of transport with concepts that follow the general aim of offering improved mobility and, ultimately, creating more freedom (of movement).

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Digital Design From the user experience to the visual strategy 18 November 2020

Whilst the use of digital (communication) tools has come on in leaps and bounds in many companies and life situations due to the changed requirements and restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, such tools were already playing a central role within our everyday lives. Not everyone is equally excited by the prospect of a digital world – and a digital solution is not always better than – or even comparable with – an analogue product or physical interaction. Digitisation has given rise to completely new professions, products and services, but also problems and challenges.

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Impressions of the Design Talks 2020

Photos: Christof Jakob

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This event is made possible by the support of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.

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