German Design Council Mediation

As a neutral centre of design competence, the German Design Council has for many years provided its expertise and made its network available in order to raise the visibility of the best design work. Its activities include international competitions to which a large number of projects and new products are submitted. This rich variety can give rise to questions about authorship, and these questions require resolution. Targeted help will now be provided to the parties involved with a new mediation offer, with the German Design Council taking a neutral mediator role.

Goals of mediation
The goals of mediation are defined as a consensual solution for the participating parties and the maintenance of a constructive business relationship. Furthermore, a financially accessible and time-saving solution is ensured by avoiding costly court-based litigation.

Steps in the mediation process

  1. The parties agree to mediation conducted by the German Design Council (the costs are paid by the parties equally regardless of the dispute’s outcome).
  2. The German Design Council assembles an independent expert committee comprising three members, ensuring a majority decision. Each participating party has the right to reject one of the three members of the expert committee, but may only exercise this right once.
  3. The German Design Council requests the documents required for a resolution; the parties provide these documents.
  4. The expert committee examines the documents.
  5. The experts convene and discuss the matter based on the documents submitted and/or products provided.
  6. The experts write a joint statement including their majority decision. The experts are not allowed to abstain.

We would be happy to provide you with more information about the German Design Council’s mediation service. Please get in touch with us. 

Advantages compared to court-based litigation