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The German State of Hesse has a long tradition of design, boasting numerous businesses, institutions and individuals who have written — and continue to write — design history at the international level.  Here, design is an economic factor whose significance can be seen in the activities and success of the Hessian creative industry.

The German Design Council, which is headquartered in Hesse's largest city, Frankfurt, is proud to announce a new series of events intended to support design promotion in Hesse. Together with designreport magazine, a professional publication launched by the German Design Council in 1972, we warmly welcome you to join us for Design Talks.

Hosted by designreport editor-in-chief Wiebke Lang, Design Talks are a series of discussions with Hessian entrepreneurs and designers that provide insights into the design sector, from the point of view of both industry and service providers. Participation in these events gives you the opportunity to take part in live talks on the topics and challenges most relevant to design today and to interact with key personalities in the Hessian design scene.

Participation in Design Talk events is free of charge; however, binding registration is required. 

Please mind: Design Talk events are held in German.

Digital Design How design and IT can work together 3 December 2019

Circular Design Discussion with Karel Golta and Daniel Knies 27 November 2019

Humanizing Technologies: AI and Design Reading and discussion with Prof. Philipp Thesen and Martina Bergmann 16 October 2016

The Digital Shift is changing the world as we know it. The rise of Artificial Intelligence will create new business models, products and services – and ultimately change the way we live our lives. But in order to establish a new global prosperity paradigm, industry must finally start thinking radically from a human perspective.  

Artificial Intelligence must become a tool for everyone. It must become personalised and transition to what we call Personal Intelligence. But how? Predominantly through the discipline of design. In their book, Christian von Reventlow and Philipp Thesen have developed a series of radically new human-centric, design-led methods and models that will help corporations adjust to this new personalised technology and the increasingly digitised future.

Author Prof. Philipp Thesen will read from his current book at the Design Talk during the Frankfurt Book Fair. This will be followed by a discussion with host Martina Metzner and Martina Bergmann, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt for Media and Service.

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This event is made possible by the support of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.

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