Digitalindex by the German Design Council.

The digitisation of existing business models and the emergence of fundamentally new business models is changing the existing economic structures and revenue models worldwide.

Even for established companies, the digital change offers opportunities for new or changed value chains. The competitive situation should not be neglected - knowing your competitors and their strategies can be instructive in adjusting your own positioning.

As the German Design Council, we have been repeatedly asked by our foundation members to form an industry initiative to gain a better understanding of the drivers and implications of digitisation.

Together with digital experts from our network, we have therefore developed an analysis - an assessment of digitisation - and would like to invite you to join us in making an assessment of the status of your digital transformation. Our online platform offers not only an assessment and comparison with a selection of your direct competitors, but also a cross-industry comparison in the B2B or B2C, service or production sectors.
In addition, we can show you through an outside-in analysis how your company is represented online and what your presence can mean in terms of sales and customer loyalty.

The result of the assessment measures the digital maturity level of your company, from which you can derive measures with regard to the management of digital transformation.
Use the offer to analyse your company:

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