Competence has an impact: The German Innovation Award.

The German Innovation Award is a new innovation prize that awards undertakings that have an impact, by dint of the added value, small details or new solutions they engender. The prize will be awarded for the first time in 2018. Potential recipients comprise SMEs as well as corporate groups, whether in the B2B or B2C sectors. In other words, all companies that make innovative products that are part of an overall solution.

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02.02.2018 Application Deadline for nominees
15.02.2018 Jury session German Innovation Award 2018
06.06.2018 Award ceremony German Innovation Award 2018

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German Innovation Award

It’s the first prize to honour impact — the first to select winners based on added value and small details and to make way for completely new product solutions. The German Design Council’s German Innovation Award is an exclusive forum for one of the most important drivers in business success and serves as a valuable instrument for companies to communicate their capacity for innovation to the industry, to experts and to the media. The criteria for winning are just as demanding as they are simple:...

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