Visionary force, networked disciplines: the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture

Architecture. Interior. Product. Communication. Concept – fully integrated: The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture are an international architecture and design competition that focuses on the interplay of disciplines. It honours visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communications from all branches of architecture, the building and property industry and the production industry. At its heart: the holistic, consistent presentation of products.

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Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture

Thanks to their outstanding work they have emerged victorious from among a strong field of international competitors – announcing the winners of the ICONIC AWARDS 2018: Innovative Architecture. The honorary prize, ‘Architects’ Client of the Year’, goes to the world-famous luxury fashion brand, PRADA. For years PRADA has been promoting art and architecture and commissioning the design and construction of spectacular flagship stores.

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Iconic Awards

The ICONIC AWARDS of the German Design Council honour interdisciplinary work in an independent architecture and design competition, because 'the holistic approach to design and its quality often reveal themselves only in a larger context,' explains Andrej Kupetz, Chief Executive Officer of the German Design Council.

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