Support, from the beginning

Promoting young talent

Our dedicated promotion of new talent supports young designers. We have always considered promoting new talent to be one of our core missions. Because the future belongs to up-and-coming designers. They ensure that Germany remains one of the most successful design nations. The German Design Council supports them with a range of projects and initiatives: as one of the world’s leading centres of excellence for communication and knowledge transfer, it offers newcomers an influential platform on which to present themselves, opens up access to crucial networks and, with young talent competitions such as one&twenty or the German Design Award Newcomer. In this way, we want to make it easier for young design talents to enter the professional field and offer them the opportunity to establish contacts with leading personalities in the design-oriented economy.

Promoting from school age

Our idea of promotion also starts at school: The Stiftung Deutsches Design Museum introduces children and young people to design and encourages them to develop their creative potential. Initiatives such as the nationwide "discover design" school programme are designed to get children and young people excited about design. The non-profit foundation established by the German Design Council is operationally active and promotes the subject spectrum of design as a formative element of education and culture, science and business. With its digital image archive, it is making a valuable contribution to the reappraisal of German design history: over 42,000 image data sets, which are currently being indexed and digitised, document product design of the 20th century - and will be available for public use in the future.