Innovation Is Your Driving Force

Without innovation, there is no future. The new realities of life create a constant need for individual solutions, products and services.

Innovation requires more than inventiveness. Only when an invention is transferred into a form that is accessible as a product or service can we speak of an innovation. As soon as an innovation is successful, its acceptance increases and picks up speed. While it took 45 years for the car to be accepted by 60 percent of the population, the smartphone only needed five years to gain acceptance. Thus, the question arises: if innovations are highly desirable from a business perspective, how are ideas transformed into innovations?

We have long considered the trinity of design, branding and innovation to be a guarantor for long term business success. Our German Innovation Awards provide a platform for issues that will shape our future, from digitalisation to globalisation, from sustainabilty to artificial intellegence. Informed knowledge that is reflected in the development of new projects that stimulate the economy.


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