The Major German Brands
The Major German Brands

German design has a strong history of success stories. Our publication series ”The Major German Brands” brings together some of them: Featuring an annually changing theme, since 2013 it has presented outstanding German brands from the design-relevant industry that are successful in global competition thanks to "designed in Germany". Published in high-quality book form and supplemented by editorial contributions, the publication has attracted a great deal of attention far beyond professional circles.

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recreate. transform. be resilient

The world is currently changing at high speed and we are constantly facing unprecedented challenges. This makes us realize that the resilience of the corporate brand is more important than ever.

For the 10th anniversary of the series, we present strong national and international brands in the German market under the title »The Major Brands in Germany - resilient.«:

  • Well-known brands present themselves and their history
  • Detailed insights into understanding and implementing this year's theme »recreate. transform. be resilient.« in your own company
  • A comprehensive overview of the German brand landscape


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Design. Brand. Innovation.

Outstanding design, focused brand management and forward-thinking innovation are the cornerstones of entrepreneurial success. And only their successful interplay makes your product first-class.

  •  Secure your Loge in the official gift for guests at German diplomatic missions abroad, which will commence with introductions by high-ranking representatives from politics and business.
  • Position your company as one of 100 selected leading brands that are able to present themselves in this documentation of outstanding German brands.
  • Benefit from high-level attention for your brand by means of targeted, group-oriented distribution through 227 embassies and consulates of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad.
  • Meet thought leaders and colleagues from different industries in this exclusive circle of brand leaders and decision-makers from business, politics and media.
  • Rely on knowledge transfer and a unique network for your success.
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The Major German Brands offer you:

  • round about 100 selected brand presentations

  • exciting articles and essays on branding and design by experts
  • various communication tools and a professional press photo
  • an invitation to the Design Gala, an exclusive event in Soho House Berlin
  • networking at CEO level


The publication:

  • is available in German and English.
  • distribution through our cooperating partners
  • international distribution through the German Design Council and the German Federal Foreign Office
  • Individual special edition available on request
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 Innovations. Shape the Future.

The Major German Brands since 2013 in figures:

  • 7 editions, each in German and English versions
  • 18,000 high-quality copies
  • 500 carefully selected brand presentations
  • 23 enthralling articles and essays written by experts on branding and design
  • 12 introductory commentaries by Germany’s top-ranking political representatives
  • target-groups focused distribution via our two partners - "Land der Ideen" (Land of Ideas) and the German Federal Foreign Office


The edition was presented to a selected group of invited guests at the Design Gala on 19 September 2019 in Berlin.

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Innovations. Shape the Future.

Table of contents.


Innovations. Shape the Future.

Table of contents.


"100 years of Bauhaus"

"The Major German Brands" edition 2018/2019 is marked by the 100. anniversary of Bauhaus. Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, and Heiko Maas, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, contributed articles on the occasion of the anniversary.


"100 years of Bauhaus"

Table of contents


"Socially responsible. Future-oriented"

The fifth volume of the series "The Major German Brands", entitled, 'Socially Responsible. Future-Oriented. The Major German Brands.' showcases German brands that serve as exemplary ambassadors of the brand landscape in Germany.

Renowned representatives of politics and economy gave their views on the topics of ‘Brands as Ambassadors’ and ‘German Brands Worldwide’. This year’s volume contains contributions from the former German Foreign Federal Minister, Sigman Gabriel, the former German Minister for Economic Affairs, Brigitte Zypries, as well as the president of the Federation of German Industries, Professor Dieter Kempf, on the relevance of design and strategic brand management for the global success of German brands.

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"Distinctive. Ingenious."

'Distinctive. Ingenious.' is the fourth volume in the series 'The Major German Brands.' In addition to presenting outstanding German brand-name companies, the book also includes the views of internationally renowned figures: contributions by Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Sigmar Gabriel and Ulrich Grillo highlight the relevance of design and strategic brand management to the global success of German companies.

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Annalena Baerbock

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs

"This shi" is being led by Germany’s companies themselves – because they are responsible for shaping and driving it. Once again they, and the major German brands in particular, have an opportunity to demonstrate their innovative energy and their dynamism. From DAX-listed companies and SMEs to small start-ups, German businesses set global standards for sustainability and new technologies..."


(Annalena Baerbock, 2022, Excerpt from the word of welcome of »The Major Brands in Germany - recreate. transform. be resilient.«)

Dr. Robert Habeck

Federal Minister For Economic Affairs And Climate Action

"Design is not only about creating beautiful forms, but also about providing answers to the challenges of our time, updating current designs and making technical achievements accessible to the general public. This is especially true in times when innovations are needed at an ever-increasing pace to meet current social and environmental challenges...."


(Dr. Robert Habeck, 2022, Excerpt from the word of welcome of »The Major Brands in Germany - recreate. transform. be resilient.«)

Peter Altmaier

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

"The »Made in Germany« brand offers our companies valuable start-up capital for pioneering and innovative products that will strengthen the competitiveness of our country as a place to do business and will bring about new growth and employment..."


(Peter Altmaier, 2021, Excerpt from the word of welcome of »The Major German Brands - Design. Brand. Innovation.«)

Heiko Maas

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs

"Forces are shifting, and challenges are mounting. These include the digital transformation, climate change, scarce resources, demo-graphic change and shortages of skilled workers. In this new environment, the entire world must rethink its priorities..."


(Heiko Maas, 2021, Excerpt from the word of welcome of »The Major German Brands - Design. Brand. Innovation.«)

Presentation at the Design Gala

Design Gala – Presentation in a festive setting

In the presence of over 100 selected guests from industry, politics and culture, the twelfth edition will be presented on 12 October 2023 at a festive Design Gala at Soho House in Berlin. The gala offers leading brand experts an exclusive forum for exchange and networking.

Impressions of the Design Gala 2023: